Flutter Gems - November 2021 Update 💙 🎉

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We are excited to announce the following updates made in this release:

New Packages & Categories

300+ new packages have been added (total 2800+) along with the following 6 new categories:

  • A new group - Scanning & Printing, is now introduced which includes the following existing categories: QR Code / Bar Code, PDF and Printing. Also, a new Document Scanner category has been introduced which provides some packages useful for Scanning Documents using mobile camera.

Scanning & Printing

  • UI, Theme & Color group has been revamped and 4 new categories have been included. Design System category includes packages which provide Flutter implementation of various Design Systems that have documented design specifications. Light Mode, Dark Mode & Themes category is a one stop solution for all your light mode-dark mode switching and other theming needs like custom themes, persistence of themes, theme switching animation, etc. Just like Neomorphism was the design trend of 2020, 2021 is the year of Glassmorphism, so a new category Glassmorphic UI is now available which provides some packages that can be used to develop Glassmorphic apps. Finally, a new Color Picker & Utilities category is here for all Flutter enthusiasts who want to play around with colors.

UI, Theme & Color

  • Social Media, Chat & Communication group now has a new category Avatar, Profile Picture & Chat Heads for all your social media avatar generation, customization and decoration needs.

Social Media, Chat & Communication


An ecosystem contains packages/package plugins (by same or different publishers) which enhance that particular ecosystem as a whole. The following ecosystems were already available:

Continuing this trend, we have a new member:

Null Safety is Here

Null Safe packages are now listed above packages which are not Null Safe. Just look for the Null Safety badge below package name.


Support Flutter Gems 💙

Since its launch a little more than a year back, Flutter Gems has received lots of love and made life easier for more than 250k Flutter developers across the globe.

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Did we miss anything?

We would like to thank the Flutter community members for generously contributing new packages (gems) to Flutter Gems. In case your favourite package is still missing, please click here .

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