Flutter Gems - January 2021 Update 💙 🎉

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We are excited to announce the following updates made in this release:

New Packages

1000+ new packages have been added (total 2500+) along with 24 new categories with an emphasis on functionality based segregation for easy access. For example,

and many more ..


The new concept of ecosystem was introduced in the previous release. An ecosystem contains packages/package plugins (by same or different publishers) which enhance that particular ecosystem as a whole. The following ecosystems were introduced:

Continuing this trend, we have a new member:

Did we miss anything?

We would like to thank the Flutter community members for generously contributing new packages (gems) to Flutter Gems. In case your favourite package is still missing, please feel free to write back and contribute.

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Lakhan Kumawat's photo

flutter gems has really really really helped me save my time and guiding me which package should i use when needed ,i've been using flutter from a long time but i had issues choosing packages , thanks Ashita Prasad for making this useful website 😄